Ricks Custom Cycles

Hand fabricated, 1 of a kind custom bicycles, built with function, performance, and durability, 1 spoke at a time.

What began as a simple father and son project has evolved into what you see today. A unique collection of custom-built bikes,each with it's own theme, along with a collection of vintage cycles that hearken back to a time when life seemed less complicated. Each bike you see has presented it's own challenges, which in turn has helped us become better by stretching our abilities, learning new skills, each with it's own reward.From design to paint to decals, upholstery, welding and machine work, we have done it ourselves.

Code Name;  Forked-up!      Plenty of hand formed tubing in this one, along with a big and little tire combo, and of course, flames everywhere, this 5 speed will wheelie at will. The extra-long springer front cushions the landing when the front tire eventually touches down.




The Board-tracker

Built as an homage to the past bike races held on outdoor wooden surface tracks, with a modern twist. Low bars and seat, 3 speed bar shift, and engine turning everywhere it counts, she'll either cruise sedately, or get you there pretty quick. Either way, you're rolling in style !



Big Wheel 2 k 10

Remember the popular kids toy from the 70's and 80's called the big wheel? Essentially a plastic tricycle with a parking brake, you could slide out over and over.   Enter the new milleneum, and a new way to cruise and still spin out in style !  Seen here with it's production cousin/parts donor, its longer,wider and an easy glider, until you pull up on the blue handle that is! Then, its spin time!





The Stove-bolt Special

Built with a specific era in mind this time, the 1950's , when white wall tires and big headlights were king. The stove-bolt shares it's name with vintage chevys, and deservedly so, for the tank panels were hand formed using the rear sheet metal from an old stove. They also conceal the speakers for the on-board sound system, just hook up the ipod, put on your favorite cruising music, and head down main street!

A real mix of vintage and modern parts, sporting bobbed fenders, aftermarket mini-cooper auxillary headlight, suspension forks, and an Ed "Big Daddy Roth" shifter derived from the same mini cooper, the bent seat-post really soaks up the bumps. Note the ipod mounted on top of the fork cap. Rechargable battery mounted between seat-tube and rear fender powers the headlight.

Not only do we build custom bikes, we collect old muscle bikes and cruisers as well. Not sure what those are? Check the links page for more info. Photos of our collection are found in the Photo Gallery page tab at the top.

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